Publish your booking gaps!

You can enter your booking slots here. They will appear in the tab booking slots ("Buchungsslots") on our Little Travel Society page for our readers to browse. It is no problem if you fill out the form in English since the majority of our readers understand English well. Please, do not advertise packages or long-term offers, only available booking slots that you can delete after a few weeks. And post only one publication per host at the same time. If you have several gaps at the same time in different houses or shortly one after the other, set a time for the booking gap and simply enter the other time slot in the text. Otherwise the webpage will look too messy and crowded.

The booking slots are a good tool for booking gaps in high season, because you will be found as the tab is not too crowded and the readers are actively searching for left-over booking gaps. If you want to advertise special offers or booking gaps in low season, you will probably have more success with an extra feature that you can book with us in the Service Center. The best way to motivate readers for these off-season offers is with nice posts, newsletter entries or Instagram stories.

Please note: We offer you a platform to present your booking slots. However, you and the respective guests will be contractual partners. We do not take any responsibility for bookings or cancellations.

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  • Please fill out the form on the right as short & crisp as possible. It may help to have a look at the example below. You can insert a link to your own website and we recommend you also include the link to your Little Travel Society recommendation, as this helps readers get a vivid picture of your house.
  • We will check your entry and publish it as soon as possible on our webpage. Our readers will contact you directly via the e-mail you provide.
  • When the booking slot is taken, you can remove it yourself by clicking on the little trash can on my booking slots. This is also where you can view and edit all your entries (by clicking the little pen symbol). 

Good luck with filling your booking gaps!

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