Little Travel Society Family Facts

Glitter! Confetti! Welcome to the Little Travel Society. We are very happy that you are moving in with your beautiful house. In order to write a lively text, we would like to ask you to fill in the following questions thoroughly.

As you may have already seen on our website, our texts don´t read like a promotional catalogue. Our texts are personal and honest – it is just like telling a friend about your last holiday. That’s why we would be happy if you gave us one or two “extras” in the questions – a peek through the keyhole, funny anecdotes or insider tips.

And we have one more important request: Please do not copy links to your website or articles instead of an answer. You are welcome to add links, but please not instead of an answer (we still do our own research on blogs and your site anyway). The reason is that you know your beautiful place best. We will get to know to you better and understand better what is important to YOU if you summarize it in your own words. Like this we will be able to write a lively story with that “little extra”. However, you do not need to send to us carefully worded and perfect sentences (bullet points and quick notes are totally fine) – the storytelling will be done by our experienced team of authors.

You will need about half an hour to an hour to complete the questionnaire. Of course, you can also take a break and continue working on your questionnaire later.

INSTRUCTIONS: Filling out the questionnaire & saved questionnaires

If you don’t have a saved questionnaire yet, you can simply start filling out the questionnaire further down. If you click on “continue” or “back” you will land in the next or previous chapter. If you want to take a break or turn off your computer, we advise you to click onsave draft” as you will land on top of the page again and all your information is saved.

If you have already saved a questionnaire, you will find here a table with the saved versions of your questionnaires (if you move in with more than one house, you can fill out a separate questionnaire for each house). If you want to continue working on an existing questionnaire, click on “load” to the right of the questionnaire, if you want to start a new questionnaire, click on “clear”. Once you have completed everything and sent the questionnaire to us, it will no longer appear in the saved questionnaires list. Then it’s our turn…

We are looking forward to reading your anecdotes and information!