Tracking Little Travel Society Clicks

Suddenly no more clicks to see from us in your Google Analytics? Since there have sometimes been problems with the conversion to https or Google Analytics, we have a workaround for you, how you can always reliably track our clicks.

Every now and then we are asked: We don’t see any clicks from you in our Google Analytics since this month. Have you changed something?

Sure, it can happen that we have a tracking mishap. So, please, feel free to contact us about such problems! So far, however, it has always been external circumstances that we cannot influence. A few years ago, for example, there were problems when everyone switched from http to https. Unfortunately, the tags of the origin page were often lost in this process, because they were deleted as “unsafe”. So, the traffic from Little Travel Society with a normal link could not be detected in many Google Analytics systems of the target pages. Especially if there was an internal redirection from http to https for the target site. The problem of non-tracking occurred again for some customers in April 2022, because on April 1st, 2022 Google had switched from Universal Tracking to Google Analytics 4.

To ensure that our clicks remain trackable despite these various changes, we send the parameter “lts” (for Little Travel Society) with every link. It is the safest method to measure the traffic that spills over from Little Travel Society to you.

  • There are two ways of tracking the traffic you get from Little Travel Society in your google analytics:
    • Behaviour —> website content —> all pages — type in „from=lts“ in the search field
    • Behaviour —> overview —> in the right bottom click on „show full report“ —> type in „from=lts“ in the search field

No matter which method you choose: If the same person clicks many times on this link, it counts only as 1. And I have one more important hint for you: The first letter is not a capital “I”, but a small “l” (because of lts = Little Travel Society).

I hope this helped with your tracking problems. I’m sure you will see many, many clicks and everyone is happy again;-)

This is an article written by me, Daniela. At Little Travel Society I take care of the accounting as well as the bigger and smaller concerns and problems of you, our customers. If you have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected].

Yours, Daniela