Instagram Story Repost with the Little Travel Society - how to

We love to show off your new chic pools, offers and booking slots to all the travel-hungry families in our Little Travel Instagram Story. And to make sure you appear in the brightest and best light possible, here are a few tips, tricks and hints on what to keep in mind when posting an Instagram story for our readers.

Our offer to repost your stories for free in our Little Travel Instagram Story was originally intended as a short-term support in Corona times Рto alleviate the cancellation chaos. Because in times of constantly changing rules and regulations, quarantine and the like, not only did you constantly have new booking gaps, but our readers also often had to rebook at short notice. Since the offer was so well received by both Рour hosts and our followers Рwe would now like to permanently bring together what belongs together (namely: Little Travel families without accommodation and hosts without guests;-). In addition, it is also a nice opportunity  to remind our followers again and again how beautiful your place is.

How does the reposting work on Tuesday and Friday work?

If you would like to share something with our community (for example: a booking slot, an offer) or if you want to bring our follower to your attention, then simply tag us on the corresponding snippet (= picture/video/reel) for the Tuesday or Friday repost. Please, remember that we can only repost snippets on which we have been tagged (don’t just tag the first snippet). By the way, you are also welcome to use a tiny tag in a corner. The tag does not have to be visible to your followers.

When do you have to tag us in order to be part of the Tuesday or Friday repost?

We have introduced two fixed repost days so that your offers, which you share with our readers in our story, get even more attention and don’t get lost as individual charts among our long stories. As tags in Instagram are only valid for 24 hours, it’s best to mark the following slots in your calendar right away: For the Tuesday repost, you can tag us from Monday evening at 9 pm to Tuesday evening at 7 pm. For the Friday repost, you can tag us from Thursday evening 9 pm to Friday evening 7 pm. We will then repost you all together in the evening between 7pm and 9pm at mom primetime on Instagram. At the beginning of these reposts, there will always be the same introductory chart so that our followers recognize know immediately: “Wow! Watch out! Here come cool offers from the Little Travel houses!”.

How often do we repost your stories?

It is usually no problem to fit you in with our story! 4-5 reposts a year are no problem. Only when there is a very high tagging frequency do we have to skip some tags sometimes. Mainly because very frequent reposts from only one hotel oder holiday home are rather counterproductive, as they can be perceived as SPAM by our followers. However, you are welcome to tag us as often as you want to. We will then consider this as a source of inspiration and repost your most beautiful pictures and videos from time to time.

Who and where are you?

When we repost your snippets, our followers don’t surf your account where it’s clear where you are coming from. They surf on Little Travel Society, where many accommodations are shown. Therefore, it can be very useful for you to “introduce” yourself in a first snippet or to help our followers to understand what you offer on the reel or video you want to share.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to speak German to introduce yourself. For example, you can tag your location in the snippet (e.g. “South Tyrol” or “Crete”) and perhaps mention the type of accommodation, such as “boutique hotel”, “flats” or “farm”. And by the way: If you want to write more about yourself and don’t speak German, you can also write in English – our followers will understand. Even a “bonjour”, “ciao” or “kalimera” will be understood by everyone and you will score points with a little exotic holiday feeling;-)

What is good story repost material?

So that you don’t get lost in the flood of fancy pictures in our story, we have the following tips for you for a repost:

  • Pretty stories with apps: We ourselves use the Unfold app – it is by far the best for Instagram Stories. The free version is completely sufficient. It’s self-explanatory and really fun! With Unfold, you can also combine images and videos in one snippet or animate individual images.
Die Unfold-App
  • Quality of images: Please choose images and videos that are not blurry and preferably very bright (there is also a function in both,¬† Instagram and the Unfold app, that allows you to “turn up” brightness of the images. Use it extensively! Bright images are common on Instagram and are more eye-catching). But don’t worry – they don’t have to be professional pictures. A nice mobile phone video usually comes across much more likeable anyway.

  • Show your beautiful place: Maybe it is no longer special for you, because you see it every day – the beautiful panorama, the infinity pool, the great beach. But it is for your potential guests. Why don’t you film your outdoor area or take a stroll into one of your beautiful rooms?

  • Instagram Stories are perfect for telling stories: You don’t need professional interior pictures, but rather a snapshot of your daughter petting the cat, your husband painting the vases sky blue or how you start your day with a coffee in front of a beautiful mountain view. Like that, you let your followers into your living room, onto your lawn or onto your beach. And they have the feeling that they are not travelling into the unknown, but that they already know you.
  • Booking slots: Our readers appreciate when you offer a booking slot. Many of them decide to go on vacation at short notice. It’s great when your followers don’t have to search through all the hotels, but are presented with one of your slots in our Instagram story. Here, too, it makes sense to “introduce” your house with lots of beautiful pictures. The slots are then often quickly gone! No wonder – with thousands of interested families following our story every day (3,000 – 8,000 instagram story viewers with more than 61,000 followers, February of 2024).

  • Off-season offers: Some of our families just need “the final push” to book during the low season. Especially when it is raining ouside and the kids are jumping through the puddles in rubber boots. Then, it’s very tempting to book a week in Sardinia or Crete with beach weather for the autumn holidays. Your beautiful pictures or a good offer in our story are often this final push.

By the way, you can find even more tips for Instagram (including a chapter about Instagram stories) here. And are even more Instagram and Facebook workshops every year…

We’re sure that with these tips, your repost will go really well! But please don’t be angry with us if we have to sort out a bit because one or the other repost doesn’t fit perfectly into our story.

And if you find all this too complicated or tedious, feel free to leave it all to our professional Instagram team. For an Instagram story we only charge 200 Euro for small businesses and 300 Euro for places with 80 or more holiday homes, houses or apartments – for which we will post your free booking slots, offers and beautiful views in our Story. All you have to do is to book your Instagram story in our intranet service center.

Hopefully we’ll see you in the Story again soon;-)

Your Little Travel Society


If you have any questions about repost in our story, please feel free to contact our social media team – consisting of Hanne and Antonia. You can reach Hanne at [email protected] and Antonia at [email protected].