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Here you can find all our social media workshops, B2B newsletters, and our Loved-by seals for download. You also have the possibility to book extra features such as social media posts.

Booking of Little Travel Extra Features

Many of you asked us how we can make you more visible in our community. And sometimes you just have news you would like to share with our readers or a booking gap that needs to be filled. There are many reasons why you might want to book an extra post, an Instagram story or a newsletter entry. Here, we explain what extra features is suitable for what purpose. And once you’ve found the right extra feature for you, you can use the application form below to send us your request right away.

P.S.: If you want to know about our number of Facebook & Instagram followers or subscribers to our newsletter you can find our recent media data here.

You get: One post on Facebook and Instagram at a date and time you prefer (if not yet booked).

Suitable for: New features you want to promote, off-season offers, or if you’re just short of bookings in a certain period of time. General posts about your house are received best by our readers. This is why our advice is not to get too specific (e.g. “golf vacation with kids in the fall” would narrow down your target group too much).

Price small accommodation: 290 €
Price large accommodation*: 390 €
*from 80 houses/apartments/rooms onwards

You get: We will design an Instagram story with at least five snippets for you at the date and at the time of your choice. Preferably, you contact us one week in advance. You tell us what you want to show our Instagram followers, we create an entertaining Instagram story for you in our account.

Suitable for: An Instagram Story is perfect for short-term booking gaps. But also (low-season) offers are well received by our Instagram followers. Or you can simply show your pretty place  – preferably with short videos from your smart phone (you can send these to us via to [email protected]). By the way: If you are experienced in Instagram and would like to create your own story you want us to repost, it is still a free of charge service we offer. You can find a short tutorial on how to create a story for a Little Travel Society repost here.

Price small accommodation: 200 €
Price large accommodation*: 300 €
*from 80 houses/apartments/rooms onwards

You get: You can book a newsletter entry with us. A newsletter entry is comprised of an image and a short teaser text with a link to your or our webpage.

Suitable for: Our newsletter entries are always booked up quickly, which is why you should book at least two months in advance. Therefore, a newsletter entry is not a good idea for short-term booking gaps. It is perfect to draw attention to special offers, promotions, new features you would like to promote or to push bookings in general.

Price small accommodation: 250 €
Price large accommodation*: 350 €
*from 80 houses/apartments/rooms onwards

You get: Your place will be on top for any searches within your country, even if other search criteria don’t match exactly. This allows readers to fall in love with e.g. your rental home even if they may have been looking for a family resort in the first place (or vice versa). There’s a maximum of three sponsored placements per country, i.e. you will be one of a maximum of three recommendations of the team in the search.

Suitable for: This marketing extra is perfect to push bookings in general. A member of our team (with a nice picture) who stayed with you before or knows your region well will recommend your place in their own words. It will be similiar to the personal recommendations on our homepage below our slider. This is what it makes personal and authentic. Optionally you can also include a special offer. Here you will find an example how it looks like.

Price small accommodation: 350 €
Price large accommodation*: 500 €
*from 80 houses/apartments/rooms onwards

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The Little Travel Society Seal for Download

If you haven’t already, you can download our Loved-by seal in different versions and colors for your website footer (you will also find in the download a black and white version and an inverted version that adapts to your background color). This way, our many fans will immediately recognize you as a Little Travel holiday spot when they visit your website.

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